Monday, January 31, 2011

Be Mine

It's that feeling of deja vu,
When someone cute is all around you
You meet them in your dreams,
where you walk by glistening streams
Somehow this time it's different,
stronger,truer, transparent
You don't touch them yet you feel them,
and your mind's rocked with mayhem
Silly mushy thoughts night and day,
Dying to hold their hand and say:
"Be what you are, live as you like,
put that greasy gel, ride that crazy bike
Scream your lungs out or yoddle and shout,
I'll adore you the same beyond all doubt
Tease me to death or chuckle at my taunt
turn up all scruffy,dude, wear what you want!
Be weird, stupid, super-awesome or just fine,
whatever you be, sweet idiot, be mine !"

P.S: Well this my first ever mushy poem, so it might sound cheesy to some.. But for me it's cute :P

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Words, words, words..
They can touch someone's heart or tear someone apart..
Use them well- that's an art.
Play with them-hey, that's smart!
Just don't shoot them like a dart,don't hurt with them and be a wart!