Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Show

After a day of flurry,
I hobble through the night,
As myriad explosions of sound and light
Grip my mind and whirl it around..
A rhythm builds up in the air, like drum beats;
I gambol like a newly born calf,
To the source of it all.
The window becomes a portal
Promising to take me away to a wonder world..
And as I stand on the mundane side of it,
I watch Nature's drama unfold:
First the curtains of silvery drops,
Eager to embrace the earth;
Then that sound of celebration,
As the little drops tottered to meet her..
And the heady fragrance
Of a rejuvenated earth,
As she plans to knit herself a shawl of green..
Suddenly comes the thunder,
Like the sky yearns for attention
And I look up to see
Lightning playing hide and seek with the clouds
I realise that I am speechless…
But neither are words necessary.
I could call someone to watch too…
But I feel selfish;
None of them would understand,
Few of them would care..
So with a smug joy I plop down on the floor
With childish awe, I try to gather drops
When it strikes me like the lightning above,
That there's no truer celebration of the senses.
This window - the portal - is it a sieve for time?
It seems I have been sitting here  forever
But I think one more forever would be fine.
Nature's done entertaining I guess,
All sound has stopped with the rain…
There's a fresh zeal to the air;
Earth, she's pulling on a shy veil of mist…
And I'm tempted to yell "Encore!"