Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dying inside

You sit there,serene and effervescent, by my side.
Thankfully, blissfully unaware I'm dying inside.

The world for me, has lost its lustre,
My heart tries to find the courage it can muster.

Was this meant to be so, I wonder in concern,
Thinking of destiny, fate, revival-beliefs, undone.

But of course you can't hear that silent cry,
Yearning to burst through my lips, ending up as a sigh.

Chattering joyously, you look at me-I've lost you,
I pull on a mask of happiness you can't see through.

I'll tell you the truth, in a sec,a moment,a while ..
Would that make you sad, and kill that lovely smile?

No thanks, on my own, I'll carry on ..
Hope's the only saviour- I'll clutch it lest it's gone.

I'll fight this clawing monster, fight it till its death.
And when it's gone forever, I'll smile and make a wreath.