Sunday, April 21, 2013

Near yet far

Everything is an illusion,
They keep saying.
What you see, have, feel, know today;
Is bound to change.
So am I wrong to expect?
Am I wrong to hold on..
To the truth I knew yesterday,
Is it already long gone?
These saints, they baffle me
They are an ocean of calm.
I? I am like a turbulent sea;
Lashing at the shore, whirling within.
Solitude is my friend
That benign presence of absence;
But sometimes a tap on the arm
I wouldn't mind.
Yes, the people I have now
Will go or change.
Yet let me share a moment,
Tell them to spare a moment.
For their lives, they are crowded.
In appointments and deadlines;
The pursuit for happiness shrouded.
So caught up are they to reach out
Far to the people of the World
Those at an arm's reach,
Well, look like a blur.
We're invisible to each other
Thanks to that AMOLED screen.
Thanks to those mind-numbing headphones
Too deaf to hear a helpless scream.
Man I envy those Sadhus.
Bereft of desires and needs.
In love with the World
Yet aloof from its clawing charms..
Words halt indecisively
As I try to catch her eye
Should I bluntly admonish,
Or sweetly rebuke?
To get her to see me
And make her realise:
I'm here like a lilting melody
That fades away into the chaos;
If only she sang along,
We wouldn't have to be
So out of tune.