Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Promise

From a mother to her child, from a friend to another, from a person to their beloved... :)

My heart, it's no cage
Come, stay .
When it gets too mundane,
You can take flight.
And I shall be waiting
Waiting, because I know
Restless that your wings are
You need a stable hold
And I can give you
The calm, the warmth, after a cold sky.
Even if leaving seems easy,
Even if you want to take to the moon
I know, you'll be back…
Because someday there will be
No moon to carry,
No stars to follow,
No wind to float in,
And nowhere left to know.
Your thirst will have been quenched
And you'll crave a soothing nest
I'll be there, with my arms wide open.
And they'll cradle you close,
Engulfing, yet not confining.
And I?
I shall find the same joy
I found when I saw you soar.
In your happiness, lies my peace.
So turn around,
When you're tired of expectations,
And dismayed by complaints.
I shall be your Heaven.
That wonderful dream turned real.
And then we can watch the sun set.. Together.