Monday, August 12, 2013

Love story?

The soulful melodies of Rain at night..
As he breaks free from the stifling prison of cloud;
Like the warrior sent home after turbulent battles
He rushes to meet his love - unbounded, persistent.
The air drinks up the dew in his wake
And soaks in the mesmerizing fragrance that is born

When Rain falls into his Earth's embrace.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


The odd duckling knew not, till it saw itself in the pond's light…
That it was a kingly bird, one of beauty on water and in flight.
You stand, shoulders hunched, face in the shadows;
Knowing you were somebody, yet not sure who.
I can't make you look through my eyes,
But something I have to say to you:
If only you believed that you were the swan
If only you set your fears aside and broke free…
Your dreams, they'd come true.

I know it hurts to not know what person wears your face
And it doesn't help to be thrown in youth's imminent race…
He may have an easier route and she may be closer to the finish;
Your journey might seem daunting and long…
But doesn't every road have an end?
I'm sure, in the end, nothing would be wrong.
Fall into a chasm, but quit you must not.
Rise up from the fathoms, give it all that you've got.
Remember courage is facing what you've been running from.

Know that I am right behind, not to follow your tracks;
But to keep you from stopping or turning back
I won't judge you by decisions or frown if you lag.
I'll maybe just smile as you edge near your goal.
I am but human - not a guardian angel;
So don't take me for granted, just take me as your own.
Make me the mirror of your heart.
In victories, big and small, I'll be the song that cheers you on.
And if the future's misty and the present cold, I'll be the blanket for your soul.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Near yet far

Everything is an illusion,
They keep saying.
What you see, have, feel, know today;
Is bound to change.
So am I wrong to expect?
Am I wrong to hold on..
To the truth I knew yesterday,
Is it already long gone?
These saints, they baffle me
They are an ocean of calm.
I? I am like a turbulent sea;
Lashing at the shore, whirling within.
Solitude is my friend
That benign presence of absence;
But sometimes a tap on the arm
I wouldn't mind.
Yes, the people I have now
Will go or change.
Yet let me share a moment,
Tell them to spare a moment.
For their lives, they are crowded.
In appointments and deadlines;
The pursuit for happiness shrouded.
So caught up are they to reach out
Far to the people of the World
Those at an arm's reach,
Well, look like a blur.
We're invisible to each other
Thanks to that AMOLED screen.
Thanks to those mind-numbing headphones
Too deaf to hear a helpless scream.
Man I envy those Sadhus.
Bereft of desires and needs.
In love with the World
Yet aloof from its clawing charms..
Words halt indecisively
As I try to catch her eye
Should I bluntly admonish,
Or sweetly rebuke?
To get her to see me
And make her realise:
I'm here like a lilting melody
That fades away into the chaos;
If only she sang along,
We wouldn't have to be
So out of tune.