Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mind it

   We always read in the precious dailies, in some 5x3 inch article about how we use only so and so per cent of our brains. Has it ever happened that during exams, those noxious periods in a usually carefree student's life, you start getting eureka moments, creativity bouts, or some philosophical thoughts?! It happens every time with me. My guess is that we use most of our brains during exams,  and they get spurred into activity. Coming to the point (ah, being a P.G. Wodehouse fan tends to make you blabber on, out of topic), I wrote an entry into my diary a few weeks before CET  which I thought I'd share. So here it goes.. 

   22nd feb'10:
   You pull a random fellow out of a crowd, and ask him, "Which is the most powerful thing in the world ?" He may stare, bewildered, for a few seconds and say (if he hasn't already disposed you off as a madman) "Err.. a hydrogen bomb?" or thingummy.
    It's not bombs, the USA, Barack Obama or Osama who's the most powerful. It's the MIND. Everybody's mind. It's a very active thing, going from one place , one event, one thought, to another, in milliseconds. But it distributes its power in so many directions that its power is diluted and seldom realised. If only we could make it toil after the things we WANT to do, and not just bask in merry memories or futuristic fantasies!
   Remember, the mind controls your actions, good or bad. It can propel you to glory or plunge you into hopeless failure! So to unleash, the full power of a mind, you first need to CONTROL its movement. Keep it tied up like a ferocious bulldog tied with a steel  chain to a steel post. This chain should be of the strongest steel, or to put it directly, of the strongest will. Every time your mind tries to break off, bring it back, pull it back. Instead, direct its energies towards your goals.
   Without a goal, there are no directed efforts. Without directed efforts, there's no absolute success. The mind, should be treated gently, like a newborn, a loved one, a glass vase! Be appreciative. Control it. Control it. Control it yaar! It's not so easy, it's like taming a fang-baring, roaring lion.. But find your way to calm it, and it shall morph into a purring old cat, obedient and serene.. So go on, full on.. Meditate, breathe deeply, exercise or do whatever hocus pocus it takes to focus! Cheers! :D


Nitin kungwani said...

had a merry time reading this ! :D

Hi Rucha !

Rucha said...

Hey Nitin! Glad :)