Monday, October 24, 2011


This is a fun poem.. A teeny bit hyperbolic.. But it's real all the same. I have many gal pals, but I connect beautifully with those following the same religion as I- Reading. Hope you enjoy readingit as much as I enjoyed writing it (I had to actually tell myself to stop after 15 odd stanzas )
.So this one's for all my girls who don't give a damn to the dark circles borne out of our unending worship rituals, and for the people who love them the way they are. :) 

You’ll find me cooped up in a library
Lost in some novel, oblivious and merry

You’ll find me gaping in a book shop
Like a child coveting a gigantic lollipop

You’ll find me saving pocket money
To buy books not few, but “so many!”

Watching a movie before its book?
It’s a heinous crime I won’t overlook.

Yes, I fall in love and have crushes too
But they’re heroes from classics, not you.

If my bag burst open or you nicked my cell-phone
In there’ll be a dictionary, next to ‘games’ or cologne.

If you have ONLY textbooks and notes in your room,
Then for you I’ll be ‘boring’, (with experience) I assume.

I’m a thinker and at times my thoughts are sublime,
I might not really write, but I do know how to rhyme.

I fall into reveries – I have my own world you know
There I’m a famous sorceress, and my pet’s a Grindylow.

My treasures are made of paper, I already made a will
The bookmarks go to Cathy, and all the novels go to Bill.

Not flowers, but new and crisp pages smell the best
A tear, a food stain, a fold – they give me heart arrest.

Don’t know who’s Gandalf, what’s the Mirror of Erised?
I’ll stare at you incredulously, or just smack my forehead.

Comics and blogs are fast-food, devoured in minutes
Rowling got me crying, Wodehouse had me in splits!

Of the values of different characters, I am a concoction
I often identify events of my life, with those from fiction.

I may be a nerd, a babe, or a freak with hair in beads
I may be a meticulous planner, or go where life leads.
Go on - categorize me as a girl by my looks, caste, or deeds
Yet I’m striking and different because, I’m the girl who reads.


viralrf said...

What I loved about this is the child like innocence peeping out from every stanza. Each one got a smile to my face. Relate to all the reading habits. :-)

Rucha said...

Thank you, Viral ! Readers are a different species altogether na :D