Friday, August 15, 2014


(Wrote this during the last moments of being in college. Those wonderful four years ! Love you, VJTI.)

We're always in the need

Of something,

You and I;

Money, happiness, luck…

Over and again

But now I need time.

I watch memories

Whirl up around me.

Each moment, as I look on,

Rises up and floats away into the past.

If only I could catch these

Beautiful days.

If only I could steal

These smiles and laughs

And tears and sighs..

Trick them into a jar

And live them again

Whenever, anytime.

I want to hold

These people I love

In a time-proof hug.

People, so different

Yet alike in their bond

With this place that's more

This place that's been home

To a thousand dreams

And a skyful of joy.

And it's the friends

Who made this home

So hard to leave.

Friends -

Cheerleaders, teachers,

Soulmates and parents.

Beautified my flaws for me

And dreamed alongside.


Soon, we'll be gone

Our different ways

But our hearts will wander

These loved spaces;

And then, in our minds,

We'll be together again.

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