Friday, August 15, 2014


Somewhere ahead, there's a verdant scene
The most wonderful place you've ever been.
So I flap my wings, flying in and out o' the black
Cause my ma once told me to never look back.

Oh I'll perch atop that mighty peak, you'll see
And as I whistle with the wind, happy I'll be.
Been my dream it has, to dive into the mists of high
Broke my heart to let go and bid the past goodbye..

As I sailed the sky, from the known to the new;
The thrill became denser, and friends became few
I've been oft lonely, and I've thought of going home.
Dreaming of sights yonder, I sleep through every gloam

For what are we, without our wistful dreams?
Running in circles in a world with seams.
I know I'm no fierce dragon; I'm just a small bird
But I have the will and I will rummage the world

When this journey's done, I'll make a mighty smile
Bask in the bitter-sweet memories, gloat for a while
And soon, I shall wake up with another joyous whim
I’ll dive against the winds to find a new sky to skim.

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